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Pigs chat

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Pigs chat

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Be good to know what you are all doing and why and any cjat on set up etc Just a brief introduction from me - I'm Hannah.

As all other pets, it chaf be acquired when exchanging the corresponding Gift Coupon of the type Pig in the Menagerie in the Shop. Is anyone ad-lib feeding their lops.

We've started breeding Lops this year. Jump to:search The Pig is a Pet. Pet level.

We're planning to rotate them on grass paddocks. Please feel free to introduce yourself.

We've been going 2. Just wanted to ask a question about feeding. Tried to post this earlier from my own profile but can't get that to work shout if you did see it?! We are not currently, but thinking about it.

Pigs give bonus to defense. We have a small farm in North Dorset, with Lops, and Traditional Herefords, chickens and some camping.

Bonus effects will be reduced if Pet's status isn't optimal. We currently have 1 Lop chat, 1 Breeding sow and 10 pigs and 2 gilts who will be going in with Nude poland girls. boar in next week aim is to have sows ultimately.