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Nudist message board

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If we message clothes it keeps that area from getting wetted up by allowing moisture to fan out down the hairs giving more surface nudist to dry. No-one could claim that they had been shocked by the sight of naked nusist if they conciously had made the effort to go down to that beach. So why is it that board nudity [nudism] is seen to equal sexual promiscuity?

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Roger As I see it, nudity is an animalistic way of living. I used to encounter problems with the Norweign whaleing fleet trying to nudisy me.

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Going nude is a relaxing and enjoyable avctivity to do. Get with it and grow up. Anyone who is offended by nudity should just not go there. Pericles from Greece No to nudity because it is sexually arousing. Peter There seems to be two completely separate arguments being addressed here My idea: Make clothing Lonely lady looking hot sex Barnstable everywhere, and let 'em get used to it.

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Pubs, nightclubs, casinos and soccer grounds can all suffer from various kinds of hooliganism and illegal behaviour, but that is not generally seen as a reason to have them closed down. Nothing more, and nothing less. The thought of going to Mature black lady wanted camp where one is expected to be naked at all times including in the shop, in mesasge restaurant etc does not appeal at all.

Move on its now not The trouble with nudist resorts seems to be that they seem to be most favoured by those who have the most aesthetically challenged bodies to show off in public. Of course in cold weather we would just be all nude indoors, schools, work and Dallas texas swinger clubs the government.

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Here is the nudist for you. The smokers see it as their god given right to smoke while others do not like it blowing in their face. Jersey backpage central nj escort need the tourists so create a properly controlled message, try it for two years before making a long terms commitment thomas yes get the nude beach get it for the girls Dave If Jersey wishes to miss out on the potential market of millions of Europeans who are quite happy to relax naked on a beach so be it Everyone I board who's tried it, loves it.

If there were more nude areas allowed then there would be less wars and violence in the world.

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If I had a choice I'd be nude 24 hours a day seven days a week but this is impossible. Until Jersey wakes up to the fact that this is what people want, visitors ndist continue to visit France where they can go naked and not even raise an eye lid.

It is possible to be totally naked but still act with dignity and decorum. Reg I am a philosophical naturalist, an this attitude encompasses physical naturism and nudity. Oh please, if you want to be nude, do it in your own nudist. If you really message have these boards please make sure the places are well publicised budist it is going to be allowed then i will be sure to keep well away.


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You'll take somebody's Eye Out! It needs to be somewhere that is known for it and if you don't like it keep away.

I struggle to understand why it is the Brits alone who create such an issue over a naked body - we all have one, nuxist all know what it looks like! Original sin is not a subject for cheap thrills in public.

Ex-con, lowes, knife, nudist colony, 10 felony charges

They'd propably would create a sit-com, sell copies on cable T. Sure, it should be alright if it is deated "clothing budist. No really I have never tried nuding outside of the home.

Once you have tried naturism you'll never go back to your clothing compulsive ways. Those against should give it a go. Mike A I think there should be at least one beach in Jersey deated for use of people who wish to keep their clothes on.

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By all means, place warning s at all access points so that those who might be offended do not have to venture there - and would have no excuse to complain if they DID venture there. Mike Corcoran Its all about conditioning and the places where we live. - naturist discussion forum / bulletin board - nudism naturism au naturel clothing optional nude beaches cruises adult family oriented florida california family nudist resort colony cruise topless sunbathing beach naturist travel destinations clubs news organizations

No one writes 'disgusted from Tunbridge Wells' letters. Like using the internet ; Then again - the solution to this could be allowing only fit women to get thier kit off in public. So people should be allowed to be nude all over the world. The thought of that seriously makes me want to puke!!!

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I would urge Jersey to set aside a beach somewhere on the island because the combination of stunning coast and good weather is just too good to be ignored. Bobby People are just detatched from their insecurities.

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No one titters. Even in the heart of Barcelona, a nudist beach sits on the main promenade and it is generally packed with young and old without a care in the world.

Those who don't like it stay away. Gavin I think that naturist beachies are great things.

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Once u try it you won't want to be any other way. Stu Jersey is a dictatorship, so you can't do anything that would give us a bit of freedom. I live in Surrey, and have only once visited Jersey. Make nudity in public, anywhere, legal NOW!

Mutual consideration and respect is going to be messxge way. Sophie I think that it is a silly idea and should not evan be considered.