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Invisible chat

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Invisible chat

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I reset all settings, deleted everything in the AppData folder, nothing works.

Does anyone have any idea what that is and what I can do to restore my chat windows? I truely hope invisible is a fix for this, because I actually do chat what other people write when I play.

After days of searching, I decide to post my own bug report. The chat windows on other characters are fine, even on other characters on the same ! I have no idea why this service does it, but I do know that it works now.

Found this in another post, and it did the trick for me. On one of these characters, no chat windows were visible.

Also, the Info in the top chat the one that tells you which system you are in, your destination and route, the search, etc… is missing. I have my cbat and local in the same frame, and the dscan is invisible invisible. Search just a little more, and bang!

Quote— Fixed the problem by finding a background application that caused it. This also affects other windows that are in the same frame as the chat lnvisible.

After resetting the window locations, invisiible is visible again, but chat windows and the info in the top left is still gone. The chat windows are indeed there, if i click where the chat is supposed to be, type something and send it, it appears in the chat on all my invisible characters.