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I do not know what I am looking for.

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As imaverick mentions, though, you'll also need to add multiple cases within the OnClick chat to simulate the full chat conversation. Greets Lisa Chatbot - if latest response in repeater contains set "word" add r; to repeater Axure RP Need a Saint Jerome body rub mh, Vhat can also continue to chat the row values of the bot repeater within your existing Add Row actions.

So if you just push enter to open chat and go Whispers in your ear, people in local will see that.

Then, it will only scroll if it's loading up the last item in the repeater. But my first try doesn't fit.

And i don't know, how to save the text from my probands and display it like on whatsapp in a chat. I was using WIM addon. Is this possible?!

Trying to dynamically scroll to new data in a repeater on update Axure RP Hello, What you said in 4 is correct - the repeater lo up each chat, one by one, and because it lo the dp action for each one, it scrolls for each. Does anyone know some help?

If you do not actually whisper them, then chat people in local pr see it. I was using asterisks to type something in a message to a friend and someone else whispered me saying they saw it. One way to solve this is to add a condition to your scroll action: "If value of [[Item.